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Re: LONG LIVE the EDP and the LOOPERLATIVE was: edp R.I.P ...longlive the looperlative

Kris' reasons are very similar to my own (minus the back surgery - 
ouch!  Hope you're recovering well!)

And I'm serious too - anyone want to buy 2 blondeface Gibson EDP's w/ 
Loop IV, and a modified EDP footcontroller that can switch between two 


Kris Hartung wrote:

> Well said, Rick.
> I can't speak for anyone else but myself here, but below are the 
> reasons why I am seriously considering selling my two EDPs and 
> controller (soon and for a decent price) and buying a Looperlative 
> (and it's not just because it's the newest and sexiest looping device 
> in the market and I'm being seduced by its novelty). Maybe these 
> points will resonate well with some of you out there, not sure.
> 1. Ever since I bought my EDPs, I have been frustrated by the fact 
> that they are mono, and thus running stereo takes up two rack spaces. 
> I have a bad back, and even underwent back surgery over the holidays, 
> and anything I can do to reduce my rack size and weight is a plus. The 
> EDPs aren't exactly light either. The fact the Looperlative is stereo 
> and a single space is probably the #1 seller for me
> 2. Believe it or not, even though I do play some wild experimental and 
> avant-garde music at times, I don't really use the full capabilities 
> of the EDPs....I'm sort of simple-minded that way. As I told Rick in a 
> personal email this morning, I basically use Record, Overdub, 
> Multiply, Reverse, Half Speed, Mute, and on occasion I hit Record 
> after Multiplying to redefine the length of a loop in order to 
> generate a timed-signatured loop out of a non time-signatured loop.  I 
> never use quantize, substitute, or anything that requires MIDI 
> synchronization, and I don't really feel the need to start using these 
> features. The Looperlative seems to be able to pull off these first 
> five or six basic EDP features, which means it will suit my needs.
> 3. The more I think about it, the more I believe that having 8 
> separate loops is more beneficial for the type of music I play, which 
> is often very abstract or complex, involving a lot of layers, etc. 
> Being able to control the feedback and volume of 8 separate loops 
> would truly complement the style of music I'm trying to play.  Would 
> any of you who have heard my music agree with this?
> 4. I love the fact that Bob will be providing software updates for the 
> Looperlative....I think this is really up with the times of modern 
> technology. And the fact that I can use my computer and an Ethernet 
> cable, I find very attractive.
> 5. I like the idea of being a part of the development team, as in 
> being able to provide input and feedback that will influence the 
> design of the product. This too, I believe, is cutting edge.
> 6. I can't really see myself owning both my EDPs, or even one EDP, and 
> the Looperlative. I'm trying to simply my life and not hoard gear, not 
> complicate it by adding more gear to my list. It's taken me 5 years to 
> get down to a three space rack and a laptop.
> Anyway, that's my spiel. Now, seriously, before I put these two EDPs 
> and controller on eBay, would anyone consider buying them?
> Cheers,
> Kris
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