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RE: MIDI pedal

Title: RE: MIDI pedal

>>I'm looking a for a compact midi pedal similar to the Behringer BC 1010 but
smaller, like 8 buttons max. I want to use it to trigger samples from a
Sampler so it needs to send note on/off signals. Anyone know of anything?<<

if you know anyone who's good at soldering & general construction:


the site has a number of examples of midi controllers that folks have built, using combinations of their keyboard & PC/CC generators which, usefully, can be "stacked" as they all pass midi-thru.

if you can live with the wasted capacity, look at the CTM64 board- this takes 64 contact closures & maps them (globally) to /either/ midi notes or PC. you get to choose what range of notes it sends, what channel it sends on, & you get four standard controller inputs (when it's in note-mode, these are volume, pitchbend, modulation & mono aftertouch) + a sustain (CC64) input.

that's what I'd do, anyway. total cost probably about $130 after you've got the board, a neat box & some nice switches.

remember, if you want it to send PC aswell as notes, you're going to have to stack two of these boards. but it will be unique.

damn, I'm going to build one myself, right now!