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Looperlative compared to laptop...

 >>I have high hopes for this unit.  The only reason I wouldn't see him
selling many hundreds of units over a few years is that people might
just decide to go for a computer and be done with it (and get all the
other stuff too).  But if this works as advertised, it'll beat a
computer hollow for this one specific purpose...<<<

For me, it already beats a laptop - I just haven't found a laptop  
setup that responds in a way I want it to, one that i'm confident  
won't glitch on me, one where I don't have to look at the screen  
(everyone has their foibles, and one of mine is that I can't be doing  
live music while faffing about with the computer itself...)

Kim once commented that for him, the interest in the Echoplex was all  
about the interface - that's why he wasn't interested in developing a  
software version. That makes perfect sense to me. I'd rather use a  
stack of EDPs than a laptop. But for the way I play, the looperlative  
does pretty much everything I was using my multiple EDPs for with a  
few additions, and it does it in a more stable way than any computer  
set up I've tried.

Someone commented that 'the looperlative will be cool when each  
channel does everything an EDP can do' - for you maybe that's true.  
To me, it's BS. There are loads of things the EDP does that the  
looperlative won't do for a long time - very specific development  
ideas that came from the combined wisdom of Kim and Matthias and the  
others who had input - Andy B, Andre etc - there are things that just  
work great with the architecture of the box, the brother sync  
feature, the specific way it multiplies, and a lot of the granular  

A lot of these ideas may inspire looperlative developments - that's  
all down to what people request and what Bob is able to implement,  
and anyone building a looper would be a total fool not to look at the  
feature set of the Echoplex for inspiration - the current software  
loopers are pretty much exact copies of the Echoplex feature set -  
but the LP1 already has a character of its own, it has a different  
architecture, a different hardware model and a whole load of  
potential features that the Echoplex couldn't do because of its  
specific hardware constraints.

It's all good,

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