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Bose very graciously gave Bob Amstadt one of these systems
for the NAMM show (and future Looperlative demos) so I really got a chance
to try it out.

I was very impressed with it's fidelity......................it is also 
extremely low on feedback,
a potential problem that can plague anyone using open microphones to loop 
I do.

At Bob's Christmas party,  his guitarist had a headset microphone on and 
one point,
leaned over the Bose system (that he owned)....................... I put 
hands over my ears
prepared for horrendous feedback as the microphone was right on top of the 

And there is no need for monitoring so you can factor the lack of such a 
system in the price
of the speakers.

Critically speaking:

I would say that for any instrumentalist using line inputs that it is a 
perfect system.

If however,  you are using a microphone for most of your looping and doing 
lot of loops then
there is the problem of rerecording your sound as  you continue to loop 
which is instrinsic with
any monitored microphone live situation.   In defense of the Bose system, 
there is considerably
less build up than with conventional monitored live situations.

Normally,  I play well behind my Mackie speakers and lately, I have been 
using an inexpensive
(but I must confess, really excellent)  Radio Shack wireless headphone 
so that I
don't run into the problem of rerecording sound in subsequent loops with a 
live mic.

The Bose is a fantastic system, but the way I do it actually has a much 
controlled live microphone
looping sound.

I use a lot of acoustic instruments and I"m beginning to realize that I 
start to buy pickups for
my stringed instruments instead of using a microphone if I'm going to 
continue to have multiple layers.