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zoom g2-2nd impression

well, i'll give my 2nd impression on the zoom g2.
when i 1st plugged it in after xmas, i was wowwed, and then each time after that less and less wowwed.
by it self (i've when playing elsewhere in the house away from studio) i thought it sounded decent.
when i've played it through my (getting smaller) chain of effects, i have been less than thrilled w/ the sounds. my chain:digital modeler of some type (i'm back  to using my digitech rp100)-ibanez de7-dod d12-to digital recorder....my setup has drastically reduced, and i just thought w/ other effects less than thrilled w/ it.
the expression pedal-my story-ordered, got it, plugged it in, my studio has an old workbench that i used as my table top and is higher than standard table, the attached cable that goes w/ the zoom expression pedal wouldn't reach the floor, so i wasn't too happy....i did plug it in, played w/ it a bit.....it controls effects parameters ok (modulation stuff etc), but i wasn't wowwed, the pitch effects sounded decent, but i think my rp100 w/ the cheap rogue volume pedal sounds way better, and the digitech's wah is way better, you can control the feedback of the delay, which i thought was a minimal use of the delay, i mean i guess it's ok, for me if i'm using delay i want it to be on, i'd rather control the delay time, which it wouldn't do, so i sent the expression pedal back, b/c i 'knew i wouldn't use it. sort of wish they'd do the digitech thing where the expression pedal can be controlled by any volume pedal (like my 19 $ rogue pedal, vs a 64$ zoom pedal, which if you do the math, you should just get the upgrade model w/ the built in expression pedal).
as i've said i've gone back to my digitech rp100 b/c i use it to control delay time and mess w/ that ad infinitum....plus i like the layout of the digitech where i can see what's on, w/ the zoom it's kind of a memory crapshoot, i mean you can usually tell over effected vs. minimal, but there's no way to really tell w/ it,
i also don't love their very minimal 2 digit readout-which i understand to keep cost down.
to the g2's plus-the tap tempo button for delay is good-i was messing around w/ having the delay set at 5 sec at 100% feedback, and then changing the time to shorter (say 3 sec, 2 sec, etc), it doesn't change the initial stuff that was playing back at 5 sec, but allows you to create wacky rhythm-style stuff (i'm usually saving to 6 sec sample in my dod d-12 to play over live), so it's good for that, but it's a hit and miss, and lots of quick hitting to get everything.
and again, the option of 3 separate delays (3 sec in effects, 5 sec in regular delay, 3 sec of tap delay options in the reverb) allow for some crazy sounds if you set lowish feedback times....the effects are good-love the stereo chorus, love the dynamic flanger, the pitch shifting is good (just didn't love the pedal option), the ring modulator is good, thought the reverb was ave, won't bowl you over, but usable....as for the guitar amps models: hit and miss, i'm not sure how close any of them really sound, i do like the sound of the acoustic model, just real clean....but the clean and distorted models i think are servicable, but i'm sure if you own any of those amps, i'm sure you'd laugh, the ones i like the best are the 5150, the digital distortion and the roland JC amp...
the funny thing is i think all the presets suck, crappy sound, on my rp100 there are about 5/6 presets that i like that i modify a bit to taste, but the zooms presets are just bad/weird & not even a good starting point.
i will probably plug it back in and do a comparison again w/ my rp100, just to be fair, but i'm skeptical. i just wish the 5 sec delay was able to manipulate the time aspect...
oh i think the drum machine is good....
sorry for the long bla bla bla....just trying to be as honest, i'm sure as i play it more, i'll have more opinions on it....happy looping...s---

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