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RE: Looperlative - Max Time?


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Subject: RE: Looperlative - Max Time?

At 04:00 AM 1/28/2006, mrweasel wrote:
>Coming from the Repeater world and being used to storing many loops 
>onto various CF cards (I have over 512mb of memory in total),

Does the Looperlative have on-board storage of loops? I was under the
impression the memory was not saved when powered off.

Which is ok with me, Real Loopers don't save their loops. :-)

And I agree with Rick, when people use loop time as some measure of 
for a looper, I'm baffled. What would you do with all this loop time? If 
of you are planning to do a show where you make 10 minute long loops, 
don't invite me!


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