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Re: OT: multi-effects

Thanks to everybody that chimed in with suggestions in response to general question about multi-effects - I'll give the vox tonelab, zoom g2, and the digitch rp100 a look next time I'm in my local music shop.  The digitech model seems to be the easiest reach financially so it'll probably be the one I'll go for.
My general aim to become a solo act in the free/improv/non-idiomatic music area with my electric bass on a table with one or two cassettes playing music/sound that I've found/made myself.  To make things varied, I'd like to be have a bunch of effects involved and running split signals to a small mixer so I can vary the volume between the effected and non-effected.  Because it's on table, I'm shying away from multi-effects that have foot controllers but will still consider them if the price is right.
Why on a table with everything within arm's reach?  I like putting my bass in a way that keeps me playing it conventionally and (hopefully) cliche free.  Also, I've seen seated players who are bent over half the time fiddling with their effects and when I'm playing I'm not interested in having the audience think that I'm puking nor making my physio even richer by having to work on my back twice as often as she already is.
I know this kind of things has been done before (Keith Rowe comes to mind) and I'm still at the wool-gathering stage so I'm looking for a smattering of individual pedals or a mult-effect unit without sinking big bucks into it in case it doesn't pan out.  (Some may recall that I sent out a wtb email for effects a little while ago.  Any word on the shipping cost for that distortion pedal, warren?)
I've got an rc20xl and a few pedals already (thanks again for the dod delay, paul!) and I'm just looking for one or two utility pieces of hardware to see if this path will be fruitful or not.
I'd much rather be playing with living people but there's not many that I know of that are into this in my neck of the woods.  Also, maybe more importantly, I'm already a little busy with two musical groups (community orchestra [playing prokofiev and chopin in eight weeks] and a contemporary music ensembe [terry riley's "in c" in seven weeks] - playing double bass in both, btw) and this way, I can tinker with something on my own time and, with headphones, don't have to worry about where to rehearse and bothering my wife and neighbours.

ted harms.

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