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D-Two Delay

Just had to power up the unit to check this out...:

1. Bypass is configurable to one of three possible settings:
a) when hitting bypass, the effect is turned off and the input is routed
through to the output (just like when you set Mix=0%)
b) when hitting bypass, the output of the effect engine is interrupted
(instantly muting the delay). The dry signal is passed as set with the mix
c) when hitting bypass, the input to the effect engine is interrupted (thus
the delay "continues to ring").

There is no or only a very short interruption of the effect signal when
switching patches (I didn't do any measurements, but to find this out you
would have to record the audio and analyze it, as it's hard to tell when
switching between patches which produce different levels to say if there 
a minimum interruption. There are no clicks etc., and if there is an
interruption, it is so short that it won't hurt except in some very special
applications). The dry signal passes uninterrupted.


> Has anyone here used the TC Electronic D-Two delay in a live 
> situation? It looks pretty cool but I'm trying to find out if 
> when you have the delay on and you hit bypass, does the 
> delays continue to ring out or do they cut off? 
> Also, is there a pause or drop out when switching patches? 
> The harmonyCentral reviews don't cover these issues...thanks.