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Re: Mobius on Windows vs. SooperLooper on Linux

> Has anyone done a performance comparison between Mobius on Windows and 
> SooperLooper on Linux for equivalent hardware?  I'm thinking of 
> low latency and speed.  I'm looking at gear I may be able to repurpose 
> even repackage into a rack mount as special-purpose.

Whilst its not any info on comparissons (thus not answering your question 
all), if you are looking to run SL on Linux, Jesse (the creater of SL) 
recommends installing  Fedora Core 3  Linux and the Planet CCRMA packages 
run SL on a Linux setup.

I know a few musicians who have installed this version of Linux for 
different media purposes, and they have all experienced very low latency 
processing of audio and reported excellent  reliability. Whilst I don't 
to knock Windows (I use it for my cubase setup), there is always the 
question of reliability with Microsoft. Whilst a blue screen of death can 
tolerated in a home studio environment, on stage, it is a different matter.

Info about the CCRMA distro can be found at 
http://ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/software/ but be warned, the 
links take you to version 2 of the ISO's. To download the latest ISO's, go 
to http://ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/iso/3/ .

I haven't installed it yet myself, but plan to on my old Celeron 500 
to try and turn it into a dedicated looper, thus freeing up my ibook to 
become a virtual sampler/synth (I will do this once I manage to upgrade 
memory to beyond its current 128Mb)

Jesse thinks that my celeron laptop will be sufficient for SL with a few 
simultanious virtual looping machines running. However, running Mobius on 
the laptop under WinXP was a painful experience using just one virtual 
looper :(