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Re: Repeater with Stylus (why didn't I think of this before?)

At 7:59 PM -0800 1/29/06, mark sottilaro wrote:
>I know this will seem old hat to a lot of Repeater users, but I just 
>had so much fun today doing
>something that I knew the Repeater did (even tested it out while 1.1 
>was in beta) but due to my set up I ignored.  I completely automated 
>the record function while running the drums from Stylus (Digital 
>Performer as a host)  Man it was great!

And there's another great example of why -- despite the fact that I'm 
on list for the Looperlative -- my good old Repeater still ain't 
going anywhere anytime soon.  Too many cool and quirky features.  ;)

Different tools for different jobs.  Respect each for what it is...


"The revolution may be someone somewhere else..."