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Re: Query: Repairs in London

Hi Again,

It would appear that Alesis in the US reads LD, as I was sent a number / 
email of a firm that does repairs for them in the UK.  There's only one 
problem, that of their quotes policy: If I send them the unit and tell 
what the problem is, no quote will be produced unless the cost-of-repair 
100 or over.  Since the unit itself can be replaced with an exact 
for a bit less than that, I thought I would like to find out if the 
power supply itself might be the failure point, based on the uniform 
non-60Hz buzz (though that's a gentle word for what the noise is!) that 
emerges from the unit whether it's being bypassed or not.

Seeing a couple on eBay UK - some of which were without the external power 
supply, or had theirs replaced (with what, I wonder, given that weird 
din-like plug) - I find it necessary to ask you fine bunch of folks, who 
have done such repairs etc on their QV units, does this failure / buzz 


Stephen Goodman

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