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RE: Alesis Masterlink on Sales via eBay

The new stereo recorder from Roland looks great, records to CFC or CD, in
non compressed wave files and has a couple of decent mic preamos as well.

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Subject: Alesis Masterlink on Sales via eBay

Now that I'm on my gear selling craze, I'm selling my Alesis Masterlink
hardrive recorder on ebay as well.


This is the same unit that I used to record many of the Y2K5 performances,
many of the tracks on my prior CDs, including Xperimentus. I love the unit,
but I'm looking for something more portable, proably the Marantz portable
solid state recorder that can record directly to wav or MP3 and on a memory
card.  This will benefit all of you who play at Y2K6, because I won't have
that 5.5 hour space limitation on the Alesis, in between burning the
material to redbook CD-R on the unit.


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