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RE: Alesis Masterlink on Sales via eBay

Not true, I believe they have a gig bag for it, and I bet that you would
find uses for both the CD burner and the modeling tools at some point. For
me, I could see using at a gig and then burning a few copies to sell people
at the end of the evening. Talk about instant gratification for an audience

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Subject: Re: Alesis Masterlink on Sales via eBay

It probably isn't much bigger than the Marantz, but it looks more like a
table-top solution than a portable solution you can put in its case and
throw over your shoulder. It has the XLR inputs and the compact flash 
which are probably of the top five features I'm looking for.  I guess the
main thing I don't like is all the other stuff it has that I don't reall
want..the effects, the burner, pitch contoller, all the bells and whistles
marketing it as an educational tool, rather than just a plain and simple
digital recorder.

Dimensions of the portable Marantz:

a.. Width............................................................ 10.4
in. (264 mm)
2 in. (55 mm)
a.. Depth.............................................................. 7.3
in. (185 mm)
a.. Weight....................................................... 2 lbs. 14
oz.(1.3 Kg)

Roland CD2 dimensions:

Dimensions W x D x H: 12 x 9-11/16 x 2-15/16 in. (not much bigger)

The Roland is about $695, the Marantz is roughly the same.

This page has these two and a few more for comparison:

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From: "William Walker" <billwalker@baymoon.com>
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Sent: Monday, January 30, 2006 1:08 PM
Subject: RE: Alesis Masterlink on Sales via eBay

> No, I meant the CD2, How big is too big, this thing is not much bigger
> than
> the R1, has preamps and would allow you to do everything you want to do
> and
> more, Its half the size of your masterlink, about the same size as a
> standard marantz recorder.
> Bill
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> Subject: Re: Alesis Masterlink on Sales via eBay
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> From: "William Walker" billwalker@baymoon.com
>> The new stereo recorder from Roland looks great, records to CFC or CD, 
>> non compressed wave files and has a couple of decent mic preamos as 
>> Bill
> Must be one of these three:
> http://www.rolandus.com/products/productlist.aspx?ParentId=109
> The R1 only offers 137 minutes of recording, and it doesn't appear to
> support a memory card of any sort for swappping them out and archival. 
> CD-2 is too damn big, and I don't need a CD-R burner.  The R-09 looks
> cool,
> but it doesn't appear to have XLR input...what a drag. Plus I don't need
> effects on a unit. I just need high quality recordings to a removeable
> media, in wav format, so I can get to my PC and edit/master with Wavelab.
> I think the Marantz is going to work better for me at this stage:
> http://www.marantz.com/p_product.cfm?id=2418&cont=e&line=prd&cat=pro
> It also has Digital input and output, XLR microphone inputs, unbalanced
> line
> input and output on cinch/rca, plus records on WAV, Broadcast Wave, MP2 
> MP3. And I like hte compact flash option. I can get a few gig of those 
> be set.....has phantom power, USB for file transfer, etc, etc.
> Specs/Description:
> PMD670
> Professional Solid State Recorder
> The Marantz Professional PMD670 is our second generation solid state
> recorder, recording audio directly as files to Compact Flash or 
> storage formats, which can then be inserted directly into a computer for
> editing and distribution. Building on the worldwide success of our first
> generation recorders, we have optimized and refined our original
> specification and incorporated a whole range of additional features
> requested by our user base.
> - Accepts media in Compact Flash or IBM Microdrive up to 10gb ( when
> available ), allowing over 12 hours total recording time in uncompressed
> stereo WAV format, and much longer in compressed MP2 or MP3.
> - Records as WAV, Broadcast Wave, MP2 or MP3
> - Switcheable bitrate ( 16 - 384 kbps ) and sampling frequency ( 48, 
> 32, 24, 22.05, 16khz ) allows the user complete control over file sizes
> and
> audio quality.
> - USB port for direct high speed file transfer and software updating
> - Large LED screen shows a wide range of recording information
> - Lockeable covers for setting selectors and media slot, allows pre-setup
> to
> leave users free to concentrate on recording without concerning 
> about complex settings.
> - Improved ergonomics for easier use in the field.
> - Digital input and output, XLR microphone inputs, unbalanced line input
> and
> output on cinch/rca.
> - Switcheable phantom power ( 48V )
> - Automatic and manual recording level control
> - Microphone filtering and limiter
> - Mark points during recording and playback
> - EDL playback modes
> - Built in condensor microphone and loudspeaker
> **For additional information about solid state recording and our
> recommended
> media please see the FAQ section**
> **For users of Windows 98 - if you experience problems with your USB
> connection please install the updated driver from our downloads page**
> **For a higher resolution product sheet for the PMD670 please see the
> downloads section ( 1.5MB download )**
> European language user guides in pdf format are available to download 
> the main product downloads section.
> Kris
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>> From: Kris Hartung [mailto:khartung@cableone.net]
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>> Subject: Alesis Masterlink on Sales via eBay
>> Now that I'm on my gear selling craze, I'm selling my Alesis Masterlink
>> hardrive recorder on ebay as well.
>> e=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1
>> This is the same unit that I used to record many of the Y2K5
>> performances,
>> many of the tracks on my prior CDs, including Xperimentus. I love the
>> unit,
>> but I'm looking for something more portable, proably the Marantz 
>> solid state recorder that can record directly to wav or MP3 and on a
>> memory
>> card.  This will benefit all of you who play at Y2K6, because I won't
>> have
>> that 5.5 hour space limitation on the Alesis, in between burning the
>> material to redbook CD-R on the unit.
>> Kris
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