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RE: Repeater with Stylus (why didn't I think of this before?)

Title: RE: Repeater with Stylus (why didn't I think of this before?)

>>I know this will seem old hat to a lot of Repeater users.... Having my loop go in and out of record at various points with no prompting from me... Setting it to pitch shift at points was crazy! <<

aye, mark, it is fun. I accidentally put my repeater on the same channel as the remote control messages for one of our maq sequencers once, & started pitch-shifting stuff unintentionally. in untangling this, I discovered that the repeater had been "eavesdropping" unnoticed & that it had filled up quite nicely with bits of what we were doing on the other gear.

it was like having that same semi-savant of an earlier post in the rehearsal room dicking about with a memo-recorder. top.

reminds me- no-one responded to my general enquiry as to what, if anything, folks have done with any odds & sods that are leftover on their repeater memory cards after a number of sessions. c'mon, I thought it was a good question.... anyone?