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Re: Alesis Masterlink on Sales via eBay

In a message dated 1/30/06 12:07:48 PM, khartung@cableone.net writes:

<< > I have the M-Audio, which also looks good, on order.

> I went for the M over the Edirol for two reasons:  coax digital input 

> size.

Is this it? http://www.samash.com/catalog/showitem.asp?SKU=MMICROTRK >>

The topic of portable recorders comes up time to time on the Oddmusic list 
also. Here is a snip of a user review for the Micro:

<<Unfortunately, the M-Audio Microtrack is a BIG loser. At least the
first issued.

I just returned mine.

1- It cannot attenuate its mics enough for loud sources.
2- There are serious battery problems (won't hold a full charge: Sam
Ash has accepted tons back for this reason).
3- You need to go to their site and download a software pack to make
the controls work correctly.
4- Actual use is cumbersome -- poor manual and illogical operation
cripple this lightweight right out of the gate.

M-Audio actually released this unit to the public with these
tremendous flaws. Where's quality control?? and for $400? This unit, if
working, should retail for, maybe, $300 or less.

The sound was OK. But without digital line outs and finer D/A & A/D
converters, I consider it a (non-working) toy. Maybe the newer release
solves this. I hope so. It is small and lightweight. Fix the price and
problems and it will make a good sketch pad.>>

I thought I saw that Edirol has a new portable out the R15(?) but can't 
remember where I  noticed it, maybe one of the NAMM pages or the