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RE: Half Space Guitar Power Amps?

marshall also made a 20 watt stereo EL84 driven power amp, that also sounds
excellent, I don't know if it has a fan or not but it has that lovely el84
sound and is pretty damned loud.

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Subject: Re: Half Space Guitar Power Amps?

Stewart...that's it. Thanks. Bet it sounds like dog doodoo compared to that
Boogie. ;)

http://www.stewartaudio.com/halfRackSeries.html (what kind of output
connectios are those?! Crimeny. That won't work)


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> The Mesa Boogie 20/20 is a great amp.  I don't know what it is about 
> EL84 tubes, but man, I love the way they sound.  My only complaint is 
> the cooling fan is a little loud.
> Years ago, I remember seeing a half-rack amp in Musicians Friend.  I 
> the manufacturer was Stewart.  Sorry, I don't remember any more details.
> Matt
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> www.kingnever.com
> On Tue, January 31, 2006 1:51 pm, Kris Hartung wrote:
>> I'll check it out...for single spaces, I've been lusting over the Mesa
>> Boogie 20/20 dynawatt amp as well. I may have to just break down and get
>> a
>> used on on eBay. One would be great for the new jazz setup I'm building.
>> I
>> still have my 1X12 ported cabs from my jazz rig four years ago, one
>> loaded
>> with a JBL and the other a an EV....very, very clean system.
>> Kris
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>> From: "Todd Pafford" <calenlas@gmail.com>
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>> Subject: Re: Half Space Guitar Power Amps?
>> Kris,
>> It's not half-space, but I can recommend the Carvin DCM150.
>> Single-space, 75W per channel stereo, 150W bridged mono.  Sounds
>> phenomenal.  I love mine.  I run mine through a pair of Carvin's 805
>> Club Speakers.  The whole system costs about the same as a low-end
>> guitar amp (just over $500) but you get full stereo and pristine sound
>> quality.
>> Just an idea,
>> Todd
>> On 1/31/06, Kris Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:
>>> Anyone know of a decent half space guitar power amp? Preferrably tube,
>>> but
>>> I
>>> can deal with SS. It doesn't have to be for guitar only either..could 
>>> a
>>> decent reference amp with a flat frequency response.
>>> Kris