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Re: Half Space Guitar Power Amps?

Pricey, but they look premo. Max, at Y2K5, what were those things you had 
mounted on stands that you were tweaking?

On the topic of botique preamps/poweramps, in the jazz world a lot of 
guitarists swear by the hand made Walter Woods products...but they are 
pricey and their is a HUGE waiting line to get one. The last I heard, he 
hand built them to order and you order directly from  him, but the bass 
guitar amps are apparently out of this world and unbelievably clean.  It's 
sort of like the amp version of what Bob is doing with the Looperlative. 
Although I think Walter is more known for his bass amps. I don't think he 
even has a website, just a phone number.


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> Well....another way to go could be the Acoustic Image Focus SA which is 
> 800w (class D)mono power amp.  No, it ain't tube...but it is 1/2 rack 
> and only weighs 3 lbs!  I use a couple of AI amps with my bass setup and 
> they do sounds VERY nice.  Not exactly cheap (but neither is the 
> Boogie...), but paired with a nice (tube) gtr preamp it could be a 
> setup (and that 3lb weight just makes your back feel...good).
> Max