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Re: Roland VG8

Hi there,

The VG8 doesn't "track", like say, the GRs from the GR700 onwards. It 
applies processing to the sound of your strings picked up by the GK 
pickup.  So, if you pick the string nearer the bridge, the tone produced 
by the VG8 changes to match, for example. This also means no 20+ms delays 
on the bottom string waiting for it to cycle twice to accurately determine 
the pitch. 

Playing bass patches with the VG8 is quite strange; there are no delays 
between picking and sound, but it doesn't quite "feel" right. You can't 
really play a guitar like a bass - the lightness of the strings changes 
things too much - so I tend to play a short scale bass I've got to remind 
my fingers what a bass feels like to play, so that I play bass, not just 
downtuned guitar. I suppose it's like trying to cover an absent bass 
player by playing your guitar through an octaver/octivider. (Damn, typing 
about "feel" of instruments is weird.)

There are some nice bass sounds on the stock VG8EX - a nice clanky 
Rickenbacker and a nice fat distorted bass, plus the predictable squelchy 
synth basses (most of which have the filter opened or closed depending on 
picking strength, which is quite fun to play). There are also lots of good 
patches at the VG8 wiki I mentioned in another post (http://vg-8.com/wiki).

Hope that helps,

- Tony

Luis Angulo <labalou2000@yahoo.com> wrote:

>what i am really curious about is the tracking and
>sound of the bass patches vs the GR--33,anyone?
>--- RPGfreak@web.de wrote:
>> Anyone know this VG8? I'm interested in a device
>> that can create synthetic tones but keeps the
>> expressiveness of the guitar playing, something
>> which I missed when trying Roland GR synthesizer
>> series.
>> - Simon
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