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RE: Patent law

At 06:05 AM 1/31/2006, Warren Sirota wrote:
>Wow, do I feel dumb. That thing is like Greek to me. I guess it must be 
>combination of the requirements of the patent application and the desire 
>be as broad as possible in the claims that makes these things so hard to

Part of the problem is the original patent was in French, and what is on 
the USPTO site is a translated version. The abstract in particular is not 
translated to English very well.

(However, it is still maybe a little easier for me to understand than the 
French version, which is what I first saw when it came out! :-)

>If I were to just read the abstract, I would guess that this is about
>"manually"-controlled "scratching" or "scrubbing" of audio buffers for
>playback, like you would have with a digital turntablist. But the body of
>the application seems to touch on so many areas that it casts my
>interpretation of the abstract into doubt.

No, it is a patent of a real-time multi-track looper using parallel loop 
tracks. Among the claims are loop synchronization methods, with the loops 
in specific ratios to each other to ensure synchronization. (like gears). 
It doesn't have much or anything to do with DJ scratching or pitch/time 
shifting algorithms.  There are a lot of details in the claims in the 
patent, which are more clear to understand than the abstract. It really is 
quite an innovative invention, and way ahead of its time for when the 
patent was filed. Emmanuel is really one of the star innovators of the 
looping world, and deserves more credit for what he has created.

If you want a clearer example of the patent, all you have to do is check 
out Emmanuel's brilliant DJRND3! This is the embodiment of Emmanuel's 
patent. The DJRND2 and DJRND3 were incredible innovations for looping, and 
still are.

Here you guys are getting all excited about 3, 4, and 8 track loopers as 
it is something new, while for years now you have had available the DJRND3 
with 21 stereo tracks, 8 loop banks, midi in/out, 512MB ram, tap tempo, 
tons of user controls, and even an internal hard disk! Have any of you 
checked out DJRND3? I've always thought this was one of the most amazing 
looping products out there, and I'm surprised I don't hear more about it 
the LD list.


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