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Re: AW: Roland VG8

Good Folks

I can see that this debate is moving somewhat into my area of interest. 
And I must say that I can see positives in both sides of the argument. 
There is the "Why should I make my guitar, a wonderful instrument sound 
like anything else, a bad flute?" Touche! Understood. Its' the same 
reasoning that is used against effect processing. There are varying 
degrees of argument here. On the other hand, some folks need to cover 
certain bases in some band situations. I know that I had a gig for almost 
six years where I was able to play relatively noisy, oddball synth guitar 
complete with loops, distortion and feedback in a church. I blended 
things, came up with irrational combinations and enjoyed myself immensely 
during that time using a Roland GR-33 with a Godin LGXT and a Gibson 
Explorer. I wasn't necessarily trying to sound exactly like a flute or a 
trumpet or a Hammond B-3. What I WAS trying to do was EVOKE those 
instruments, perhaps imply their placement as opposed recreate them 
perfectly. It's all just personal taste and a willingness to experiment. 

DISCUSS.....No big whoop........


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>umm 2cents worth:
>ever since i saw JimStafford(guitarplayer extrordinaire) on the tonite 
>in '84-i got the video- "trying" to play the new Roland Guitar Synth w/ 
>extra arm(?)never new what that was for-anybody?-he was playin 'beverly
>hills cop theme' makin all these pseudo synthee-NON guitar sounds using
>envelopes that were totally out of time w/ the music-he was at a loss on 
>to control them)-i learned to be apprehensive about synth/guitars.
>i have over the years totally turned my back on anything but the most
>unaffected of guitar tones-and i sure dont mind players trying to hone
>disparate(incongruent qualities) sound-for me that dog dont hunt.
>just cause you can integrate ic's or chips or whatever onto a guitar 
>doesnt mean its a good thangg. waggin the dog imho
>swimmin against the stream of consciousness
>on 2/1/06 3:38 PM, mark sottilaro at zerocrossing2001@yahoo.com wrote:
>> --- Tony Douglas <TonyIsYourPal@netscape.net> wrote:
>> So I'll
>>> look into all sorts of devices, from stomp boxes to
>>> rack mounts to guitar synths to the VG8 to marry up
>>> playing the instrument I like with the sounds I want
>>> to hear. Quite simple, really.
>> I think what we're trying to say is that we've found
>> the compromises you make with MIDI guitars and synth
>> guitars aren't worth it... to us.  I'm not saying the
>> "keyboard" is THE electronic instrument interface...
>> it just happens to be easily obtainable at an
>> inexpensive price.  The thing about MIDI/Synth guitars
>> that bothered me the most was when you tried to do
>> something like create a drone chord while playing
>> notes over it.  Not easily done when those strings
>> stop vibrating and you get a really glitchy end of
>> notes in your chord.  Also, I wanted it to really
>> nicely track things like bends and hammer-ons and I
>> seemed to be able to get it right about 50% of the
>> time if I played it really cleanly.  Anyway, I could
>> go on but the deal is I was never satisfied... but I
>> wanted those synth sounds.  (BTW, I'm all for the
>> mutilation of a guitar sound to become something
>> different, I just don't like traditional Synth/MIDI
>> guitar setups.  Truth is I never tried a VG8 but it
>> looks cool)
>>> Continuing ...
>>> ... Consider how many variables a
>>> violinist or saxophonist can manipulate at the same
>>> time (and in real time) compared to a pianist, for
>>> example.)  
>> I think that's totally unfair to make these
>> comparisons.  First of all, we're not talking about a
>> piano.  Second... while I agree that many acoustic
>> instruments have a TON of subtile "variables" that can
>> be manipulated in real time... a modern synth doesn't?
>> I've got a few that are just teaming with knobs
>> begging to be twisted... uh with the free hand I have
>> because I'm not trying to pluck a string while holding
>> it down at a fret.  My novation controller has so many
>> knobs and buttons it's sick, plus it has a x/y touch
>> pad and aftertouch.  It's keys feel better than any
>> cheap m-audio board and it really is an instrument...
>> one I wish I was better at, but that's another thread.
>> Mark