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Re: AW: Roland VG8

Hi there,

stanitarium <stanitarium@earthlink.net> wrote:

>umm 2cents worth:
>ever since i saw JimStafford(guitarplayer extrordinaire) on the tonite 
>in '84-i got the video- "trying" to play the new Roland Guitar Synth w/ 
>extra arm(?)never new what that was for-anybody?-

Allegedly, for neck stability to avoid phantom harmonic notes ringing and 
confusing the synth electronics. (Some people take to attaching clamps to 
the headstock to achieve the same end.) I suppose Roland were trying to 
work out how to get a neck as stable as the Parker or Steinberger necks. 
The main effect was, of course, to make the G707 and G77 look very silly. 
(I intentionally bought a GR700 without the G707 controller, as I refuse 
to give one house room !)

- Tony

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