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Re: Maybe why Avante-garde looping in US...

At 06:47 PM 2/1/2006, you wrote:
>Study: Why Americans Have Bad Rhythm
>This is all a long winded way of saying that the study of world 
>rhythm and how it's performed and felt:  how and in which ways it is 
>sophisticated is just too complex a phenomena to put down to a study 
>of 75 balkan immigrants and presumably white Canadians and it's 
>irresponsible to publish tripe like this.

I'd like to see the study re-done to include white and black 
teenagers who listen to hiphop.  Like or loathe it, hiphop's vocal 
rhythms are often very sophisticated and its popularity is very high 
throughout the youth culture.

PS: I'm Canadian.  ;-)