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Re: Maybe why Avante-garde looping in US...

nice thread

i am not so sure how clean kids' rhythmic slates are. The structure  
of our bodies informs rhythmic movement... we are probably more  
inclined to enjoy four-four dances than three-tentacled eleven- 
fingered baby space aliens. Also size matters, ant tempos are  
different from elephant tempos for pretty fundamental reasons.

Also interesting to me from a looping perspective, our echoic (short  
term acoustic) memory capacity, which I suspect is about as constant  
amongst humans as other innate capacities (which is to say highly  
variable but not infinitely variable), affects meter. I have a hunch  
that average spoken-word sentences are about as long as average bars,  
aren't they?

On Feb 1, 2006, at 7:14 PM, Michael Plishka wrote:

> Great response brother!
> The thing that I found interesting (because I already knew it based  
> upon
> experience) is how children have a clean rhythmic slate-which  
> reinforces
> what you're saying.  It's the same slate I believe that allows  
> children of
> whatever culture to pick up linguistic differences irrespective of  
> culture,
> differences their parents can't pick up.
> ~peace~
> Mike
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> Sorry but that article really got under my skin and pissed me off.
> lol.................with indignant rhythmic righteousness,
> Rick Walker
> (a Northern European drummer who should be retarded rhythmically  
> speaking
> since he spent so much of his youth in the suburbs of San Jose)