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Re: Maybe why Avante-garde looping in US...

At 06:14 PM 2/2/2006, Joe wrote:
>It is possible that I never really considered hip-hop phrasing all 
>that sophisticated, because I've lived with hip-hop all my life.

There's a lot of that that goes around, Joe.  I play a fair amount of 
American Old-Time music and when I was jamming in English pubs with 
the English who played old-time I was amazed at how they chose such 
old chestnuts that no Old-time player in this country would touch 
with a barge pole.  In Irish restaurants and bars back in the 
eighties they liked to play American country-western from which most 
players in this country would run away screaming.  It made me wonder 
what Irish folks would make of American Celtic band's repetory.

I think we forget how cool our own native musical genres are because 
we grew up with them.


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