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Product spam: Loopy Llama 0.91 released!

Hey everybody, it's been a while since I announced a Llama release here,
but this one's got some new features that may interest you.  It now allows
you to make "quantized" loops when synced to the host or listening to the
internal click track.  Your timing can be way off and the loop length will
still be perfect - it takes the learning curve down a notch for live
looping IMO!  (As long as you aren't so off that it thinks you wanted an
extra beat).  I am my only tester and it's really changed the way I
perform with it, but I'm curious to see what you pundits think!

Also, it can save and load loops now.  It's got a few other features, but
the rest is standard stuff.  As always it's Mac and Windows compatible. 
Info is at http://www.rekliner.com/?PageID=14, download is at

The only recording I have featuring it is the ambient loop (not drums)
that runs throughout http://satelliteband.net/mp3