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Re: Looking for a small rack preamp (Roland Gp100?)

On Feb 3, 2006, at 6:47 PM, Kris Hartung wrote:

> How are the jazz amp tones of this beast?   I see that it has  
> Fender and Boogie tones, like the Tri-Axis, Twin, etc. They have  
> PSA Blues, PSA Rock, PSA Misc., and PSA Heavy categories....man,  
> why not PSA Jazz? Damn.  I see they are down to $580 or so...used  
> to be $700 about 5 years ago...they didn't go down much, did they?

They are analog not digital so Moore's law has less effect on price.

They trend toward high-gain sounds, but they clean up pretty well. I  
mostly run with a fairly clean patch. They have at least one standard  
patch named "Jazz" listed as part of their "Fender styles" list.

If you have the Y2K3 CD's, my track is PSA-1 into the Vortex  
(followed by 2 EDPs and an AM8000R). I can also post the track  
somewhere if you are really curious.