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Re: VF-1

I thought the VF-1 production stopped but it is this listed on the Boss 

>From: "Kris Hartung" <khartung@cableone.net>
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>Subject: Re: Looking for a small rack preamp (Roland Gp100?)
>Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 14:32:36 -0700
>Cool. Thanks all for the comments on these. You know, I have the VF-1, 
>the Roland Jazz Chorus and Fender Twin patches on that unit aren't half 
>bad! I used the Roland patch at my last gig.
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>Subject: RE: Looking for a small rack preamp (Roland Gp100?)
>>I owned a PSA-1 and a GP-100 (now use a GT-Pro)...I liked the GP-100
>>better. Not only did it do crazy effects (backward pitch-shifted loops) 
>>the preamp sounded better. The PSA sounded boxy, and every setting was 
>>a slitly EQ'd version of the last one. It would be great if you liked the
>>original boxy tone, but I didn't.. Maybe the new one is different. Maybe
>>with soumething like a Boss VF-1 for effects, it would be ok, but I just
>>didn't like the tone at all.
>>The GP-100 did clean and high gain very well. In between tones, not so 
>>but it was made in 95, which was the birth of amp modeling. The GT-Pro,
>>though, is an incredible box. I wish it were 1 space instead of 2. Most 
>>the inside is empty.
>>Dave Eichenberger
>>>I had mine for 10 yrs & I know they have revamped the unit as
>>>well. I see them used for around 350 these days. As far as
>>>the Jazz tones go, some of the fender presets work well & the
>>>one clean marshall sounds good too.
>>> >How are the jazz amp tones of this beast?   I see that it
>>>has Fender and
>>> >Boogie tones, like the Tri-Axis, Twin, etc. They have PSA Blues, PSA
>>> >Rock, PSA Misc., and PSA Heavy categories....man, why not PSA Jazz?
>>> >Damn.  I see they are down to $580 or so...used to be $700 about 5
>>> >years ago...they didn't go down much, did they?
>>> >
>>> >Kris
>>> >