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Re: AW: Maybe why Avante-garde looping in US...

frozen dinners/crack cocaine/mobile homes/prostitution/fubu/bling bling/slang/drunkin fights/one car accidents/chittlins n hot sauce/pimps/weed shortages/drive by's/barnyard beastiality/bourbon/jail tattoo's/expanding ghetto's/monster trucks/pistol's/drug slavery/prison's/warm beer/dog fart's/grafiti/devolution of education/over population/thugg's/tax hikes/ect...ect...ect...
reasons i hate hip hop & country music!
                                                          scary visionary.

David Trenkel <improv@peak.org> wrote:
On Friday, February 3, 2006, at 09:17 AM, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar
Straschill wrote:

>> The worst is that I often find material that I think is
>> hip-hop and that I like! and when I play it to people, I'm
>> informed, "that's not hip-hop"....
> Well, on the other hand, after I told a fellow musician that I liked
> Boards
> of Canada and he replied "so you do like hip hop" and I couldn't
> believe
> that they are hip hop, he told me "to some people, what we just played
> is
> hip hop"...

I learned years ago never to dismiss entire genres of music. It's too
easy to say, "I hate Country", for example, and then hear an Hank
Williams tune that just tears your apart. Even easy listening had its
geniuses, Matin Denny, Esquivel, Les Baxter, etc. Hip Hop is the same,
there's the commercial stuff that sucks, but there are people working
in the margins doing fascinating and innovative stuff. Always look to
the margins...

>> Do send us your list of interesting hip-hop. I am still open
>> to hearing it.
> Steve Coleman & Metrics
Great, great record. That record literally determined the direction my
music has been heading for the last few years.

Other Hip Hop to check out:
Mike Ladd: Anything he's involved with is at least interesting, and
often brilliant. "Welcome to the Afterfuture" from 1999 is up there
with "Fear of a Black Planet" as one of the all-time best hip hop
albums. He's collaborated with a number of jazz musicians, his record
with Vijay Iyer's band, "In What Language," is just terrific, a theater
piece about travelling while non-white in the post 9-11 world, it also
has some astounding playing. His latest, "Presents Father Devine" is
perhaps his most straight-ahead rap album, but it's very cool.

Subtle: Rick W. mentioned the Bay-Area based Anticon collective, Subtle
is sort of a supergroup of Anticon members. Subtle is an amazing live
band, with a drummer who doubles guitar, an electric cellist, a
keyboardist who doubles woodwinds, a guy who is a virtuoso at tapping
out live beats on an MPC, and Dose One, one of the most innovative
rappers I've heard, he's faster (and whiter-sounding) than Eminem, with
a serious taste for the surreal. He's also a great frontman, he'd be a
terrific stand-up comedian. I saw them on one of their last shows with
Dax Pierson, who was unfortunately paralyzed in a tragic tour van
accident last year. Subtle is still going, though, and very much worth

Blackalicious: Their "Blazing Arrow" disc from a few years ago is what
commercial hip hop should be, catchy as hell, great grooves, lots of
soul, and smart content. Their new disc "The Craft" is more socially
conscious, and gets more funky. It reminds me of Curtis Mayfield's
great stuff from the '70's.

There's many more, but I got no more time to write...

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