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Re: looping on npr

Hi there,

It's an Akai Headrush, affectionately known as "The Wee Bastard". A 
diagram of the setup KT uses is at 
http://www.kttunstall.com/weebastard.html. Not sure why it got that 
nickname though. The recording of "Black Horse & The Cherry Tree" at the 
end of her album is a live looping recording, with KT and guitar & 
tambourine, on Jools Holland's BBC TV show. A fun watch it was too.

- Tony

".David.Auker." <DaVAuk@Hevanet.com> wrote:

>Effective/creative voice/beat/guitar loopage...what looping tools do you 
>think she's using?  They mention foot switches...
>Aptrev@aol.com wrote:
>>A segment on artist KT Tunstall and her looping, today on 
>>Weekend Edition - Saturday Feb.4 :

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