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Re: Call for Experimental Short Films and Videos

Hi Kris,

Great idea! You put so much energy into the cause!

I might have some interesting footage to contribute. When's the
submission deadline?



Am 04.02.2006 um 20:11 schrieb Kris Hartung:

> Hello all -
> I am putting on a major experimental music festival here in Boise, 
> Idaho on April 28-29, which will likely have a few hundred people 
> attending, and is being held at the largest art gallery down town. 
> Rick Walker, Lumper/Splitter (Joe Rut and Lucio Menegon), and Ted 
> Killian/Jeff Kaiser are headlining, and I have 8 local 
> experimental/electronic musicians playing as well....including a 
> theramin player!  It is the "1st Annual Boise Experimental Music 
> Festival". Next year, I'll start inviting folks from other countries, 
> like yourself.
> Anyway, in addition to the music, I am featuring experimental or 
> interesting film. I am showing a slide-show video from Michael Peters, 
> of his "Stretched Landscapes" and digital art, plus my "Microscopic 
> Horrors", avant-garde microscopic organism music video. These pieces 
> must be no more than 12 minutes. If you have something avant-garde, 
> experimental, or just plain weird, and you would like me to feature 
> it, let me know. I can download it, or you could send it to me on DVD. 
>  I would give you all due credit.
> This will be a fun event. It mixes music and art, and it is at a 
> gallery that features avant-garde art. I  have 10 intermission slots 
> of 15 min each, where I'll be featuring film,  music videos, 
> performance art, and a lecture on the history of 
> experimental/electronic music. Here is the website for the event: 
> www.boisemusicians.com/experimental
> Cheers,
> Kris