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zTar, Receptor for sale

Synths don't seem to speak to me. I love hearing them, and I guess I  
understand them (to an extent), but I don't seem to be able to use  
them like I imagined. Every once in a while, I think it would be nice  
to play something other than guitar, and so far it has always turned  
out the same way -- I find I need to work harder on the instrument I  
play well. (I've been through this with the theremin, the Stick,  
various basses. I'm not bad on the uke, though.) Anyway, I'm selling  
off my recently acquired synthy gear.

zTar: I just bought this. It is very cool, but, as I said a few days  
ago, kinda spendy and I just don't think I'm going to get enough use  
out of it. This is a silver mini-Z, all tricked out, which I bought  
from a guy in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. I paid $1550 for it, and  
would like to recover that, but if you use some kind of check (which  
I will wait to clear before sending it) I'll knock $25 off for saving  
me the PayPal fees. I'll pay shipping in the US.

I'll eBay it in a few days if no one is interested.

I just put a picture up (from the eBay auction the guy I bought it  
from held over it) here:


The zTar, let's see it's a miniZXB, with the key triggers and 6  
expression pads. It also has an added ribbon controller, an extra x/y  
controller (not a joystick -- kind of a joystick that doesn't return  
to zero), and the breath controller. It is silver. It has the case  
and all materials.

On the downside, the previous owner smoked. The case stunk when I  
first got it, but seems to be better now. The breath controller  
tubing stinks, too, but can easily be replaced or (maybe) cleaned.  
The instrument itself doesn't seem to stink.

I also plan to sell my Receptor when it is back from Muse with a new  
(under warranty) power supply. It can run instrument and effects  
VSTs, so you can use it as a synth or a multieffect, or both. It has  
an extra GB of memory, and licenses for the PSP-42 delay and PSP- 
Nitro filter. Also a strange reverb called "Ambience." (Loopy Llama  
reportedly works on the thing, FWIW.) There's also a bunch of "free"  
proprietary licenses included with the thing -- I haven't necessarily  
kept all of those programs on there, but they can be reloaded from  
Plugorama. See the details there. The Muse people said they would  
transfer all of the licenses to the buyer. $1220 shipped in US. If  
you, again, are willing to wait for the check to clear, I'll make it  
$1200 to avoid PayPal fees. It's present configuration, at street  
prices, would be about $1800., although I got the PSP plugs in a 2- 
for-1 special.

I expect to have it back in my possession in about a week.

Thanks. Sorry about the bandwidth, but I thought some of y'all might  
be interested.

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