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Re: Hardware Drum Looper Recommedations

I have been a bit shocked at the dirth of replies, but I have a solution
that could be a wonderful one for you and not all that expensive for how 
powerful it would be.

1)   Buy yourself a new ($150)

or used ($30 - $75  or a buy it now model in excellent condition for $100)

This drum machine is a really good midi controller with touch sensitive 

* note,  these have been out since 1989 unbelievably and there are a 
of them out there, many of them are thrashed with overuse.
I'd recommend getting the Buy It Now model or the brand new Model  (with a 

It's sounds, unfortunately suck donkeys (pardon my Amaraic)

Soooooo,   couple it with the purchase of:

2)    a used   ($170 or  $245 buy it now price) (though none on Ebay 
currently used)
 ALESIS DR 4   oone rack space DRUM MODULE with hundreds of sounds

3)   or a used ($245 by it now)

or a brand new ($349  with a set of five external triggers thrown in for 
free  -VERY NICE for progamming your drum machine externally)

 ALESIS DR 5 (18 bit drum module-----------the sounds are great in this 
box........everything from real to processed to electronic drum machine
to electronic drums to synthesizer drums to percussion)

4)  Control both with an inexpensive ONE IN/TWO OUT MIDI THRU box  ($28.79 

If you want to get really hi tech about it,  you could purchase a TRIGGER 
FINGER (midi finger styled controller for $199)
to control the DM 4 or DM 5  and you'd have control over volume, panning, 
cutoff frequency, resonance, etc.  of the sounds).

You  could also go with just the Trigger Finger instead of the SR 16 but 
you'd lose the sequencing abilities.

That would be a great solution for everything you'd want to do and you 
easily get in under $500 for the whole kit and kaboodle.

Good luck.

Rick Walker