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Re: Hardware Drum Looper Recommedations

I forgot to add that I would be using this device very modestly, most of times single 8-bar phrase/sequence containing at most four drum components (bass drum, snare, cymbal and/or hi-hat). In other words, I am not at all concerned with the number of patterns/sequences that this device would be able to memorize, as long as it can memorize one. It would not even have to have or allow for memorizing of a high number of drum samples. The only imperatives are velocity-sensitive pads, live looping capability (construction of sequence during performance, without interruption, where I could shift in and out of recording mode without interrupting playback).
I was hoping that there would be a sampler/sequencer suitable for this since
I already have nice brush kit samples, but if there is no such thing, I would be okay with a drum machine that already has good brush samples.

Rafko M <rafko_m@yahoo.com> wrote:
Mark: thanks for the recommendation. As you said, the only problem is that it Command Stations no longer in production and I would be reluctant to buy them used. Is Roland Handsonic that you mentioned capable of live looping, as I described it in my original posting. I did not find anything about this when I read info about the older model. The new one does not seem to have sequencer at all.   
Rick: thanks a lot for suggesting this elaborate setup. Would you mind confirming for me whether Alesis SR-16 allows for “on the fly” sequencing, i.e. sequence recording and playback without performance flow being interrupted.
Paul: Thanks for the reply. It seems to me that SPD-S does not have the sequencing capabilities that I need (“on the fly” drum style looping).
I would be more inclined toward choosing a simpler setup, i.e. setup that reduces number of devices and cables, i.e. preferably a single unit, which is why something like E-MU Command Station would work. The idea of simplicity of setup is the reason why I am exploring hardware options as opposed to using a PC.
Any other standalone samplers/sequencers or drum machines that are currently in production and that would be suitable for live looping as I described it earlier?

Paul Richards <paulrichard_rocks@yahoo.com> wrote:
I know where one can get new XL-7's for $599. I think these were going for, what, $695, or so?

mark sottilaro <zerocrossing2001@yahoo.com> wrote:
You've got a really limited choice my friend... when I
asked the same question I found my only real choice
was an E-MU Commandstation. Here's the problem, while
it's an amazingly great Drum Machine/synth/sequencer,
it's out of production and only found used. I love
mine and packed it full of ROM cards (Beat

You also might want to explore the Roland Handsonic
route. Not the same animal at all, but an equally
cool instrument. I hear they make a cheaper one now

Good luck,


--- Rafko M wrote:

> Could anyone recommend a hardware sequencer/sampler
> or a drum machine (with a good acoustic brush kit)
> with velocity sensitive pads that could be used for
> live looping. This device would be a master and MIDI
> synced with another looper. I would be using this
> device only for triggering and looping of acoustic
> brush kit drum sounds, and would be building
> loops/sequences and quantizing them on the fly, i.e.
> during performance. I am aware of Ableton Live and
> its potential, but at this time I am looking for a
> standalone hardware device, not a computer based
> looper.
> Thanks,
> Rale
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