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Re: Hardware Drum Looper Recommedations

Rale asked:

Rick, in my previous posting I forgot to ask if you could please clarify 
me whether 'MIDI Solutions Active MIDI Thru Box' would work if I wanted to 
use Alesis SR-16 as my master MIDI clock for Boss RC-50 looper, wh! ile 
having at the same time Alesis SR-16 connected to another sound module or 
PC based sampler, functioning as a trigger/sequencer.  I know that this 
probably falls into the domain of MIDI basics, but I was not sure if you 
thought of the MIDI thru box in the context of a setup where a different 
MIDI device would be sending  master MIDI clock information. "

I don't know the answer to this question,   I'm sorry.   I suspect not, 
however, but you'll need to get advise from someone with more working
knowledge of midi than me.

When I want both my FCB 1010 pedals and my wind synthesizer to drive my 
Repeater with a MIDI merge box, it would not work but that may
be down to the Repeater's midi ineptitude.

After reveiwing all the solutions,  I'd say your best bet is the Electribe 
(if you like the sounds) or the EMU command station paradigm.