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Re: Software Drum Looper Acceptable

Ableton Live will most definitely do what you want, and it is indeed a 
glorious program, but I can't help but think "over-kill"?!? - Although 
you can't have too many loopers! I personally love looping percussion 
sounds in Live AND in an audio looper. I use two m-Audio TriggerFingers, 
a reaktor patch and a softsampler for this. It quantises well, and I 
just recently finished a script that lets me select the recording 
quantization level with a hotkey, which is super-handy.

Gary Lehmann wrote:
> So is there a Windows based program that suits my needs? Ableton?
> G
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> From: Andreas Wetterberg [mailto:awetterberg@post.cybercity.dk] 
> Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2006 11:50 AM
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> Subject: Re: Hardware Drum Looper Desired
> I'm sorry, but this only points towards throwing a computer into the mix 
> to me - although, will the Command Station do this? Or how about the 
> Yamaha rs7000? Lots of people can't praise it highly enough.
> Andreas
> Gary Lehmann wrote:
>> My needs for percussion looping are:
>> 1. Records MIDI
>> 2. Set the loop on the fly
>> 3. Sends clock (or receives--even better)
>> Gary
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