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Re: laptop albums?


jim orourke: i'm happy and i'm singing and 1234

the first track is ace, reminds me of phillip glass.theres and an harmonium
sample going through granulators and stuff, reminds of that sloper 
heard that its all on max/msp

four tet:rounds

audiomulch album, lot of samples, and a lot of supatrigga plugin goin on!!
at his live shows he gets much wilder, he feeds 2 vaios running mulch 
through a
boss sp303.

panagiotis melidis

Quoting scott hansen <evanpeewee@yahoo.com>:

> after last months topic of laptop performances,
>  i was wondering if anyone could recommend a laptop album/cd
>  that they've heard/thought was good.
>  i've been listening to "yearlong" by keith fullerton whitman/greg davis
>  and thought its pretty good (it's a 45 min live document of 
> performances over
>  a yr that they did as a duo using laptops--from some of the small pics 
>  appears that they also feed guitar, toy keyboards etc and process...)
>  i've been enjoying it, but at times i think it just sounds like 
> sound collage using
>  high tech (or current) gear, instead of recording  foundsounds to  
> tape and using tape loops etc like i'm sure it was done back in the 
> day....
>  s---
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