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Re: How do YOU loop?

thanks andreas! this is what i'm curious about with
everyone here. i do get stuck in the loop quite a bit
lol; must do what faulkner says and 'kill those
darlings' indeed. on the other hand people often say
my music has a hypnotic, trance-like quality (probably
due to the repetitions hehe)... thanks for sharing the
track - good stuff!

--- Andreas Wetterberg <awetterberg@post.cybercity.dk>

> r i c k m o n d wrote:
>  > so what/how does looping function for you?
> I recently got into the whole
> cutting/dividing/replace thing, so getting 
> stuck in the loop has been changed into a one-shot,
> thank g*d. My looper 
> does adjustable fades when going into replace, so I
> can do evolving 
> stuff a bit more intuitively than turning down the
> feedback - also, on 
> longer lines replacing a smaller fragment of the
> soundscape doesn't mess 
> with the overall structure of the piece, making it a
> lot less daunting - 
> it basically turns replace into a smooth, dynamic
> "reduce feedback, then 
> overdub, then increase feedback after going out of
> overdub"-function, 
> which I really like. (As an aside, do you call it
> Insert or Replace? I'm 
> not quite hip to the lingo these days :-s )
> But the best part still has to be:
> A: Degrading the loop and chopping into it with
> effects in the feedback 
> chain - highpass filtering is especially good for me
> - and reversing 
> stuff in there as well.
> B: Changing the loop length in my looper causes
> divides, not 
> pitch-changes, so I can do a quick 1/16th note
> stutter burst, jump back 
> out to 1 bar, and the stutters are locked in the
> loop - all this is 
> probably old news to hardcore EDP-users, but it's
> pretty new ground for 
> me, so I am very happy with it!
> All in all these methods provide some good tools for
> deconstruction and 
> recontextualization of a soundscape, which are so
> fun that getting stuck 
>   isn't happening all that often - the only times it
> does is when I get 
> into a really good loop, with succesfull effect
> chops, good harmonies, 
> really good timing etc in a neat little package. At
> that point I *need* 
> to sample the loop before moving on, I'm not
> hardened enough to kill my 
> darlings yet.
> I've uploaded a quick mp3 highlighting some of the
> deconstruction 
> methods I use - the track is an all-live recording,
> just voice and drum 
> samples being triggered in real-time. I reckon it
> gets interesting at 1 
> minutes 30 seconds into the song where I start
> breaking down the loop 
> quite a bit, by going from a 1bar loop to 8bars and
> chopping away :)
> (NOTE: mp3-file may or may not contain horrible
> singing and sloppy 
> hiphop-beats - please disregard! hehe)
> Andreas

"Artists in any medium are nothing more than mere hooligans who cannot 
live within their income of admiration." - Quentin Crisp

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