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Improv Real-Time Looping Performance Streamed to Web - Tonight!

This should be interesting. Elijah and I have never met in person before. 
This will be my last free improv performance for a while....

Improvisational Real-Time Looping Performance Streamed to Web - Tonight!
Krispen Hartung - Acoustic guitar, Looping, Computer Generated Sound 
Elijah Jensen - A guitar pickup and string, glass, various sound 
devices, looping, etc
Streamed world-wide to the web in real-time at 
(Click on "Listen")
Date: February 11, 2006
Time: 8-10pm Mountain (Boise), 7-9pm Pacific (San Francisco), 9-11pm 
(Houston), 10-11pm Eastern (Boston)
Venue: Moxie Java (Cherry Lane and Linder, Meridian, Idaho)
Cost: Free

Krispen Hartung
info@krispenhartung.com / 208-724-5603
Discography - http://www.krispenhartung.com/catalogue.htm
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