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Re: Rodrigo y Gabriela

Thanx Per,i did try the rare earth but wasnt that
impressed but this stereo system seems
interesting.With the trance audio you have one input
and 2 outputs from the 2 internal transducers,sticked
to the wood inside the guitar under the saddle,one
directly underneath the treble strings and the other
under the bass strings.They are incredible transparent
and pick up every little nuisance so the whole
instrument becomes a drum.The only disadvantage is the
cable which is a special stereo one from the company.
I jst recently saw a couple of guys playing acoustics
with different systems, one was using a very expensive
lowden with a b-band system and the other guy was
playing an inexpensive factory takamine.I was amazed
how good the sound of the takamine player was so i
went to check out his guitar and he had one with the
new CTP-1 system
but i dont think they are selling the system
separately.Its truly amazing!
There are also really inexpensive transducers like the
Hepcat pickups that you can install additionally to a
piezo or magnetic to drum on your guitar and they
sound fantastic only for that but i have yet to see
this systems on spanish guitars...

--- Per Boysen <per@boysen.se> wrote:

> Hi Luis,
> I just listened back to the interview we did
> yesterday to fresh up my  
> memory, and they do not use the Fishman Rare Earth
> system. Rod and  
> Gab plays nylon stringed guitars, built by Frank
> Tate in Belfast.  
> They are designed like Flamenco or Spanish Classical
> guitars but with  
> some changes. Rod's guitar has a thinner neck,
> because he plays all  
> the fast running scales (they started out as trash
> metal players and  
> he can not re-learn his left hand to run over a
> normally thick  
> spanish guitar neck). Rod's guitar also has a
> thinner body to give  
> him a thinner sound that will be able to cut trough
> on the single- 
> string melodies he plays with a pick. Gabrielas
> guitar is more  
> similar to the traditional Flamenco guitar, more
> suitable for her  
> "aggressive drum kit" playing style. She uses a kind
> of re-worked  
> flamenco right hand technique to create sounds all
> over the sonic  
> spectrum - from low kick drum to sharp castanjetas.
> Both guitars are  
> equipped with the Fishman Blender, stereo version.
> This stereo  
> version allows the sound engineer to separate
> different frequencies  
> in a better way than with the normal Fishman mics.
> As I said in the  
> other post he is also dividing the two guitar stereo
> signals by EQ to  
> treat different bands differently. I guess by
> applying different  
> compression - that's the only thing I can think of
> that would create  
> such a massive "guitar percussion" sound live. In
> total 24 mixer  
> channels is used to set the live sound. The live
> engineer has been  
> working with them for years and they did the sound
> check in seven  
> minutes. Everything already worked out, except for
> adjusting for the  
> venue's acoustics (settings that will have to be
> changed anyway  
> during the first song when the room is filled with
> the audience).  
> They told me there will be a new Fishman available
> in a couple of  
> months that will allow a better placement inside the
> guitar body.  
> Couldn't find any info on that on the Fishman web
> site though.
> per
> Frank Tate from Belfast.
> On 11 feb 2006, at 09.10, Luis Angulo wrote:
> > Per, are u talking about the rare earth blend
> system?
> > This would interest me because i play the spanish
> > guitar and use some o those flamenco techniques
> but my
> > mounted fishman piezo is not very efficient for
> that
> > and i have to hit the guitar really on the bridge
> to
> > get the kick and the snare u can forget about it.i
> > havent found a satisfying system for nylon string
> that
> > i like but i just installed a trance audio
> transducer
> > system on my steel and that is a bomb!too bad that
> is
> > not suited for spanish guitars.
> > Luis
> >
> > --- Per Boysen <per@boysen.se> wrote:
> >
> >> On 10 feb 2006, at 20.09, Todd Pafford wrote:
> >>
> >>> Rodrigo y Gabriela
> >>> http://www.rodgab.com/index.html
> >>
> >> Yep, that's them. I just got back from their gig
> >> here in Stockholm.
> >> Did an interview for a guitar mag as well. Very
> nice
> >> people and what
> >> a gig and what a sound! Stereo Fishman mic in
> each
> >> guitar and skilled
> >> old buddy sound man tweaking it over the PA
> through
> >> 24 channels,
> >> properly EQ'ed. Gab's guitar sounded like a huge
> >> drum kit with
> >> percussion. It was hard to believe that a Spanish
> >> Guitar cold produce
> >> such a deep kick drum sound, but there it was.


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