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Re: [LOOP] How do YOU loop?

On Fri, 10 Feb 2006, r i c k m o n d wrote:

> so what/how does looping function for you?

One of the more common patterns I use involves having one looper (A)
(usually Akai Headrush) at the beginning of my signal chain, several 
effects after that, and 2-3 loopers (B, C, sometimes D) (usually Boss 
RC-20, Digitech Jamman, or E-H 16sec reissue) at the end of the signal 
chain. Loop using A, alter w/effects and pass the loop down to B or C.

So for an example, play a short bit that serves as a marker and record it 
into the most downstream looper (C) as a long loop with lots of silence. 
Play a short bit into the looper (A) at the beginning of the signal chain, 
then manipulate it with effects and pass it down to the 2nd-from the end 
looper (B), stop the playback of looper (A). On the most-downstream looper 
(C), overdub B onto C in order to collapse the layers. Add a drone using 
A, play live over that, fade out A, record using B, fade out C, bring A 
back up.

Steve B