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Re: How do YOU loop? Andy

Hi Andy,

I'll try to look at them... I'm sometimes a bit confused about what causes
certain rounding and recording states with some of the modes. I'm packing
and taking off later today to go skiing with my son. I'll try to look at
them and post something when I'm back this weekend. -miko

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> >Don't overdub at first... just close the first pass with loopcopy and
> >into loop 2 multiplying as well as overdubbing your input. It just takes
> >phrase in loop 1, then get the hell over to loop 2! You always have a
> >'breakdown' by returning to loop 1. It's even the same number of button
> >pushes. Instead of going into overdub, you end with nextloop, and are
> >overdubbing AND multiplying. It's actually a bonus to do it that way.
> Cool,
> how about sharing the necessary params to make this work?
> andybutler
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