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Re: Roland guitar synth future

I found this with my old (old, old) Roland GM-70 rig. Latency on low notes 
was obtrusive, but I learned to play ahead of the beat on the low strings 
and after a while it became second nature. For a few years now I've been 
using an Axon AX100SB and the latency on that is negligable.


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> At 02:17 AM 2/13/2006, you wrote:
>>After 15 years or more using guitar synths, I agree with all of this
>>although it all becomes second nature and I don't have ton think about it
> Except for latency.  On uptempo stuff, the latency of the GR-33 can 
> you crazy.  Even using good technique, you're still going to sound like 
> sloppy keyboard or percussion player on uptempo stuff.  So from my point 
> of view the GR-33 is good for pads and slow stuff.  Since there's no way 
> around the latency except for playing ahead of it and waiting for the 
> GR-33 to catch up, I'm going to try a VG-8 for a while and maybe another 
> synth that can take the straight guitar signal and manipulate it.
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> Kevin
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