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RE: Guitar Craft

i had 2 radically different experiences at the 2 GC courses i've done.
- Do you learn a lot of technique? Personally, I don't have a problem to
know what to play, but I'm seriously interested in learning a better
technique since mine is pretty bad.

it's about how to play and not what to play.  the approach is very specific
about how you hold your pick, how you wear your guitar, how you sit in a
chair, etc.  basically an approach to the mechanics of playing.  to really
get the full experience you pretty much have to abandon all of the little
habits you've been building since you first picked up the instrument.   

- What did you personally learn there and kept later on?

most of the really valuable stuff i've taken away from GC have less to do
with guitar than you'd expect.  the division of attention, relaxation, how
to move (with and without the guitar), comfort in odd meters.  the best for
me was getting up in the morning and knowing that after breakfast and tai
chi, all i had to do that day was guitar work.

socially, it was mostly a boys club with a bunch of prog rock nerds.  at
least in Level One.  if you want more details, write me off list.

(a lapsed crafty)