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Re: Looper's Essential Listening revisited:

Hi Per,

It's a bit of both. From what he's said, there are some electronics that 
do the same job as standing in front of a very loud amp and controlling 
the feedback (like Fripp on "Heroes") that produces infinite sustain, as 
opposed to alternating magnets vibrating the strings, which is I think 
other devices get huge sustain. That potentially infinte sustain then gets 
looped. He also has the guitar wired with an IVL Pitchrider MIDI 
interface, so he's driving synths with it too.

The Edge's intro to "With or Without You" is also infinite guitar. There 
are apparently only three of them in existence (Daniel Lanois has the 
other). Every interview, however, Brook is quite reticent about how the 
infinite guitar works at a nuts'n'bolts level, as he says he is in 
discussions with manufacturers about marketing it, although I'm not aware 
of that having come to anything.

- Tony

Per Boysen <per@boysen.se> wrote:

>On 14 feb 2006, at 23.47, Tony Douglas wrote:
>> Hope that lot was of interest.
>Very interesting! Thanks for relating that Soud On Sound article on  
>Michael Brook. I have had his album Hybrid since the release in 1985  
>and I have always been wondering how he got those sound out of that  
>"infinite" guitar. So he was looping then...
>Greetings from Sweden
>Per Boysen
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>www.boysen.se (Swedish)
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