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Re: git synth suggestions!!

Dear Mark,

Hey man, ok, some of the little things that I was seriously digging with the Axon AX-100 (no soundcard version was what I tried out for a bit of time) and I think that the new AX-100mk.II is only available with a sound card, and I believe that it is still a Yamaha XG, but I could easily be incorrect.

The string split(s)/select(s) are in and of themselves really neat (and available on a few systems out there with differing degrees of success) personally, I found them useful, especially in trying to do the one-man-band-thing).  The pick zones took a bit to get used to, but are also useful if you want to switch between instruments playing the same pitches in the same location, vs. playing in different areas to get the same pitch.  Again, a personal preference thing, and it may not necessarily be for you.
If you check out the manuals, you'll see quite a number of things to be tweaked, some of them you can tweak while you play, others have to be done beforehand.

The main thing with the Axon AX-100 line that is really amazing and rather overwhelming is the level of different items one can program into these conversion boxes.  Don't get me wrong the new Roland GI-30 is very impressive (found it was much easier to use), but I want to say that there were quite a number more parameters available for tweaking within the AX-100 series.  That's what I was talking about.  One other thing that I found I enjoyed a bit more with the AX-100 (remember that I've only ever used the non-soundcard version) is that I could use a few different instruments (6-string guitar with a lower pitch on the low E string, took it down to a lower C# without too much degradation, just had to make a few changes to the input series of parameters to let it know that there was a much lower pitch on that E string, 6-string bass with phenomenal tracking, and a Grand Chapman Stick) with this system.  You may want to check out http://www.musicindustries.com/manuals/axon/AX-100-manual.pdfhttp://www.musicindustries.com/manuals/axon/AX-100-lit.pdf and http://audioen.terratec.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=1 for both Blue Chip Music's and TerraTec's info...

L8r on,


On Feb 14, 2006, at 5:25 PM, mark francombe wrote:

Thanks for that, but Lee.. can you elaborate on...there is just simply so much available within an Axon AX-100, let alone the AX-100 mk.II that well, just say, "wow." ... what exactly??? I can see lots of neck splitting caperbilities, and this weird pickup area split thing.. that may or may not be usefull, cant really see right now.. but does it have sounds?, can you edit them? What is so "available" in the Axxon??

Dear Mark,

Hey man, you may want to check out the Roland GI-30 (not the 20!!!) or an Axon AX-100 (don't sweat the Yamaha XG sound card, you're right it isn't the greatest). If you can get access to it, go with an Axon AX-100 mk.II, the little of the new German model, I've seen was rather impressive. Here's the slight catch, personally, I found that the Roland GI-30 was much easier to set-up and get it to do what little I wanted it to do, whereas there is just simply so much available within an Axon AX-100, let alone the AX-100 mk.II that well, just say, "wow."
I'm assuming that you've got a BC-13 cable running from your existing guitar to your Roland GR-30, and that it is at least a GK-1 if not GK-2, so, yes, you'd be able to use this guitar on any of these models. Also, since you're using a magnetic hex, vs. piezo hex pickup, you'll get the picking zones that are available to all three systems.

Hope this Helps,


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