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Re: Looper's Essential Listening revisited:

Brook is reticent about the nuts and bolts because he had someone else
actualy design the electronics and make it work. In a mid-90s interview he
mentions a Mr X who did the electronics design. I happened to work with a
guy called X at the time, and it happened that X had asked me about how my
Ebow worked and whether he could borrow it to dismantle and reverse

When I suggested that X was the Mr X in the interview he went bright red 
clammed up - an interesting colour for an Asian - he wasn't permitted to do
any design work outside of his day job. So I never got to the bottom of it.
I have protected his identity as I am sure he would want me to - very much 
backroom guy - and I believe he still works for that company.

One can summise that the IG must work in a very similar fashion to the
Maniac Sustainiac ( www.sustainiac.com ) and the Fernandez Infinate
Sustainer - design pinched from Maniac.


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The Edge's intro to "With or Without You" is also infinite guitar. There 
apparently only three of them in existence (Daniel Lanois has the other).
Every interview, however, Brook is quite reticent about how the infinite
guitar works at a nuts'n'bolts level, as he says he is in discussions with
manufacturers about marketing it, although I'm not aware of that having 
to anything.

- Tony

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