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Re: Cheap bass floor keyboard?

Did you look at that MIDI converter? The hardware - front panel at least -
looks remarkabley like an Axon AX100 guitar to MIDI converter. I guess it
has firmware specific to Zeta. I seem to remember that Andras, who's second
name I can never remember how to spell, and who designed the Axon guitar to
MIDI converters and the Shadow ones perviously, and has his name on the 
patents, works for Zeta now...


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Subject: Re: Cheap bass floor keyboard?
Date: 15/02/06 16:25

That would be ideal... sadly, to get that thing Midified, you also need a
$2500 zeta midi converter... In other words, for the basic setup, it would
be over $4,700 :(

One can dream though :)

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