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experimental music webradio

those with very open ears and a fast internet access might want to listen 
the latest issue of Raudio, an Amsterdam based webradio/podcast which also
features some of my more experimental tracks ...


RAUDIO #07 ... an evolving series of brand new 'pure sound tracks', many of
which were created exclusively for Raudio, by Element-Aire [Chaussée
d'Ixelles], HarS [Nature_s, Gain, 2 Fuck'n'Roll-cuts], Ralph Lichtensteiger
[2 Montage Pieces, Depolarisation (II, III), Saint Croix One], La Société
des Timides à la Parade des Oiseaux [short live extract], Seth Gordon's
Grace, Often (1921), Thomas Ashcraft [forward scatter radio recordings],
Visteclaro, 0 OK, 0:1 ["... and now i have my eggs! ... thank you ..."], 
Rinus van Alebeek [Radio met Ontbijt, Pay a little bit, Marriage/Mirage, 
glaube], Leandro Barzabal [declare holy war against what we see every day,
walking on foot as an alternative, and i think, it´s a... i don´t... know],
Charlie Charlie ["please,"], Cosmo Helectra [Mortevieille, Pocket Gamelan,
Tape Hiss], FlexRex [Morsure], Guy van Belle [This is the day], Will 
[Seville], Ate M. Hes [(200)6 plunders], Blinde Kinder, Roy McCoy
[Cincinnati Angel], Michael Peters [a song of love, cutupradio20060129,
gumowski-mira, not an animal, slidescan_times16], E. Rébus [wellbox (1-3),
Dusseldorf, T-Coma], Arnaud Rivière [jeanmathieux, jeanluc, jeanmarc,
jeanjean], Ben Roberts [_-_buto_special, -_fur-esther_-_raudio-version,
hummy_i_m_home], Brian Salmons [5 'Holland lo-fi' tracks], Mark Webster ...