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Re: Sustainiac (Was: Looper's Essential Listening revisited:)

Ooop, sorry, David I meant, not Kevin.

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On Feb 16, 2006, at 10:04 AM, Kelly Coyle wrote:

> Like Kevin, I had a Model B Sustainiac. It is cool, but not cool  
> like an eBow. Since chords have a tendency to collapse to one note  
> (and not necessarily one you would predict), practically it *is* an  
> eBow. OK, not really, but it's less different than you'd think.  
> Actually, for me, the Sustainiac shined at being *less* intense  
> than an eBow -- eBows for me always sound very driven, and the  
> Model B could be subtle. (It could also shake the hell out of the  
> guitar, which is cool.)
> Now there's a Model C, and I have been tempted.
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> Music: http://www.kellycoyle.net
> Blog: http://wwwquotidianme.blogspot.com/
> On Feb 16, 2006, at 9:53 AM, jj 179 wrote:
>> Not sure if anybody else had this experience, but a coupla years  
>> ago I went out and bought a Fernandes Sustainer. I had been using  
>> an e-bow for years and had heard wonderful stories about the  
>> Sustainer.
>> It was an extreme disappointment. The guitar itself was incredibly  
>> cheaply built. The Sustain didn't work very effectively at all -  
>> certainly **not at all** like an e-bow. I could only get the  
>> faintest of feedback and it sounded lousy.
>> I'm sticking to my e-bow.
>> just my 2 cents.
>>> At 02:40 AM 2/15/2006, David wrote:
>>>> There are two types of Sustainiac. The Electro-acoustic one that
>>>> clamps to the headstock:
>>>> http://www.sustainiac.com/model-b.htm
>>>> which is the one I use and which can be moved from guitar to guitar
>>>> (and even works on electro-acoustics) and the 'Stealth' which is  
>>>> the
>>>> 'Guitar Pickup Working Backwards' variety:
>>>> http://www.sustainiac.com/stealth.htm
>>>> and which comes in Fender and Gibson versions.
>>>> The Fernandes Sustainer is a version of the latter, though I'm not
>>>> sure exactly when or how the development 'forked'.
>>>> the electro-acoustic and electro-magnetic versions sound and act
>>>> rather differently, so it's not a simple matter to choose between
>>>> flavour of effect and convenience & tidiness of installation.
>>> What is the difference in the flavour of effect?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Kevin
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