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Re: Sustainiac (Was: Looper's Essential Listening revisited:)

That Fernandes was probably the Retrorocket.  I own a Retrorocket Pro, 
and it is a very nice guitar (especially for the price!).  Better 
construction and finishing than a lot of "mainstream" guitars that I see 
at Wal Mart..er.. I mean Guitar Center these days.

The Sustainer in my Retrorocket Pro works perfectly.  It's very easy to 
control and really does create some sort of an evolved instrument that's 
unlike anything else I've played.  Used sparingly, I love it.  The 
switching on it is very comfortable too - toggle for on/off, and the 
harmonic mode is set with the push/push pot that doubles as a tone 
control.  I expected to have trouble with that push/push pot, but it's 
working just fine after 3+ years of playing.

That's my $0.02.  I think the higher end Fernandes' (Pros and Elites) 
are worth looking at if you're looking into "infinite guitar"


Paul wrote:

> I had a Fernandes a few years back (can't remember the model-it looked 
> kind of like a black Strat) and it was an excellent guitar. I'm sorry 
> I sold it. I recently purchased a Monterey Pro for $300.00. I was 
> really disappointed with it in terms of quality. It looked CHEAP. It 
> was made in China. I sold it a week later. I guess you get what you 
> pay for. On a positive note, it played ok and the Sustainer was 
> appreciated. But, it looked so damn cheap.
> Paul
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> Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2006 8:09 PM
> Subject: Re: Sustainiac (Was: Looper's Essential Listening revisited:)
>> I have the Native Pro and they are not being built in
>> korea anymore but guess where...??
>> i do like the feel and look of the vintage native
>> pro,but it has tuning problems and be aware that the
>> sustainer mounted on this guitars (Fsk101) is
>> different than the the deluxe kit (fsk401)which means
>> they dont sustain as well.But Axel Rudich who is
>> working on mine said is a matter of adjusting it,we
>> will see...
>> Luis
>> --- bruce tovsky <bruce@skeletonhome.com> wrote:
>>> On Feb 16, 2006, at 10:53 AM, jj 179 wrote:
>>> > It was an extreme disappointment. The guitar
>>> itself was incredibly
>>> > cheaply built. The Sustain didn't work very
>>> effectively at all -
>>> > certainly **not at all** like an e-bow. I could
>>> only get the faintest
>>> > of feedback and it sounded lousy.
>>> well i love mine. having been an ebow player since
>>> they were first
>>> introduced
>>> (and still use it to this day) and also being
>>> influenced by michael
>>> brooks'
>>> "infinite guitar" work, i went looking for a
>>> sustainer guitar. i found
>>> out about the
>>> kramer, and then the fernandez. i got the elite
>>> model, so it could be a
>>> better
>>> build quality, and it was exactly what i was looking
>>> for. in fact, when
>>> i picked
>>> it up at ludlow guitars in nyc and tested it out (at
>>> very low volume)
>>> in the store,
>>> getting great smooth feedback with harmonic control,
>>> it drew a crowd. i
>>> use it
>>> all the time in my live shows, it has a great feel
>>> and a lovely floyd
>>> rose locking
>>> trem system.
>>> my 2 cents
>>> cheers
>>> bruce
>>> bruce tovsky
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